Silver Linings #SOL20 Day 1

We are in the midst of compulsory school closures and are now heading into week 5. As a school, we have gone from one end of the spectrum, to the other, seemingly over night. From a busy, bustling community of humans- big ones, little ones and the in between ones, to a deathly quiet campus and students learning from home. As a family, like many others in our community, this virus has spun our normal lives into disarray. Its been hugely challenging, these past few weeks, as my 9 year old, my 6 year old and I have navigated more change, more uncertainty and tried to come to terms with yet another new normal in our already shaken lives.

‘School’ days at home look and feel so very different from what the children are used to- their normal routined, action packed and scheduled lives now calmer, fluid and less rushed. While I am at work, they have a go at their tasks, not really paying attention the carefully created schedules and activity sheets drawn up and blu tac’d to various surfaces. They play with friends and go on play dates and spend so much time with each other. Their movements are planned and organised in advance and carefully monitored by the watchful gaze of dear Ms. Hang.

Earlier today, as our Sunday afternoon drew to a close, the door bell rang. I made a move to get up, when my usually shy and tentative 9 year old jumped up to open the door. Her sweet friend, from about three blocks away, was at our gate. My daughter looked up at me and said, “Can we go out to play, Mum, just to the park?”. “Of course” I said, feigning casualness. Before I knew it, she was off, with her brother trailing behind her, skipping down our street, her friend in tow. I stood there for a minute, blinking back a tear and fighting the urge to follow her. She didn’t look back, didn’t need me to help her cross the street, didn’t need the usual reassuring smile, urging her to be brave enough to try something new. Over the last 4 weeks, our children, unable to go to school, have forged deeper friendships, found different routines and discovered new ways of being together. Somewhere in the midst of that, my daughter has found safety and security.

That is my silver lining, in the midst of all the uncertainty and stress. A renewed sense of community, a deep sense of gratitude and most of all a sense of love and pride for my little girl who is discovering a newfound confidence. This mama’s heart is tight with emotion watching her little one grow up. It is everything I want for her and yet heartbreaking at the same time.

They say every terrible experience comes with a silver lining, one just has to look. Its all about perspective, they say. Maybe, just maybe, they are right.


7 thoughts on “Silver Linings #SOL20 Day 1

  1. Your piece took me by surprise- finding the silver lining is a cliche, but you show how the dread and uncertainty can still bring joy and growth to your children. Good job in navigating all that with them, by the way! I enjoyed your piece. Do you live in China? I look forward to reading more.

  2. Silver linings are sometimes so hard to find. Our littles grow so quickly. I love the way this balances your worry and your wonder. Welcome to slicing!

  3. I think that one of the toughest jobs as a parent is to watch your little grow. You want them to and yet at the same time you wish you could slow it down just a little. Have them hold your hand one more time as they cross the street or look up at you for that calming reassurance they’ve come to rely on. And yet your heart bursts with pride seeing them a little more confident and a little more mature than the day before. Watching your child grow up is a constant oxymoron.

  4. Your slice shares many themes- the one that stood out to me as a parent is watching our children become independent. This quote stood out to me, “It is everything I want for her and yet heartbreaking at the same time.” Glad you are looking for ‘silver linings’ in situations, we all should!

    • Thank you, Juliette, so much, for your feedback. I agree with the post having many themes. I have so much I want to say, often times I tend to crowd a single post with multiple themes. I will work on simplifying it… I have a whole month to write and explore different aspects more calmly… many thanks again.

  5. it takes courage to share of yourself with such honesty. There is great personal satisfaction I am sure. It fills me with so much pride as I see my little girl, now a grown woman, facing up to her challenges and taking the next positive step. So I look forward to your daily posts

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