A brief log, Part 2 #solc20 Day 21 & 22

Week 5

We are now into distance learning in full swing. Teachers are still coming in and out of campus and even though we don’t see everyone as it is optional to come in, there is a sense of a common place. Already, our community seems to be thinning. Worryingly, news of the spread in other parts of the world, especially in Europe have begun to break. Our conversations are now focused on the butterfly effect that infections being brought into the country on international flights will have.  I did not do so well this week, managing my juggling act- the children are doing their best but we really get down to them getting on with their work once I am home. Their morning meetings, which help the children start their day, has easily become their highlight.

Week 6

The end of week 6 is a PD Day. We had originally, back when all this first hit, thought we would cancel PD Day and have a regular school day. Little did we know then what we know now. We got together as an ES Leadership team to plan what the faculty will work on together on Friday, March 13. As we planned we thought of an asynchronous option but decided in the end to start with a 60+ person Zoom call. It was good to see people and connect. It is emerging that maintaining connections is at the core of all we are doing.  A silver lining is that this is a 4 day week- for teachers, students and parents. We are all grateful for the break.

Week 7

More turbulence this week, literally and metaphorically. The infection is spreading through out the world, much like a wild fire. We are given the choice to go if we want to but as a family, we decide to stay. The week saw yet another change in our routine as I spend much of the week at home- our family unit juggling multiple Zoom calls and sharing the dining table, working from home while supporting my children is going to take some getting used to. We keep a low profile, don’t go out much and appreciate the walks and bike rides when we can. We ended the week with World Happiness Day and a message of deep gratitude to our amazing community.

I entered the March writing challenge a few weeks into this major disruption to our lives. As I look back, my posts are peppered with slices on resilience and silver linings, self compassion and schooling at home. This is an extraordinary time- I am grateful to have been able to capture some of it.

10 thoughts on “A brief log, Part 2 #solc20 Day 21 & 22

  1. Thank you for your sharing – I think we’re all going through the rollercoaster you explain — home, work, world, hunkering down …

  2. Seven weeks in and you are so strong. We’ve been out for just one week, and I find myself wondering what the future will be like. We have no plan (yet) for distance learning, so I send short messages to my students’ families. I plan to write each student a letter this coming week.

  3. I am so glad you are sharing your experience, especially with distance teaching. You shared a fact that I think will help us as we begin our online teaching tomorrow, that is,”It was good to see people and connect. It is emerging that maintaining connections is at the core of all we are doing. ” Thank you

  4. My favorite line: it is emerging that maintaining connections is at the core of all we are doing.
    As you reflected at the end, I’m am also glad you did this challenge. It is an incredible time and I do think having the routine of wriitng daily enriched it. It did for me.

  5. This is going to be something you (and I) will appreciate ten years from now, when we’re remembering this crisis and piecing together our response. 🙂

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