Yoga will never be the same again #solc20 Day 25

Come to a seated position and feel that invisible thread pull up through your spine to the sky. Her voice lilted, part soporific, part mesmerising.

“Mum!” His energetic, slightly high pitched tone broke my fragile moment of silence. “If I stand like this on my toes I am so tall. And, there’s no thread in my spine!” N’s excited chatter has become a part of our daily 15 minute yoga routine. As we work through each pose, each instruction to breathe, my little energizer bunny keeps up the non stop commentary, throughout.

“…. and now, downward facing dog”, she continues, speaking gently, imploring me to follow. I go from table top and stretch into downward facing dog. I have my eyes closed as I try and focus on remaining present. I feel some thing jump up to my right and I open my eyes, adjusting my view to the back of his head as opposed to my knees, upside down. He is in downward facing dog too, only underneath me- both of us like two layers of triangular stacking blocks. It doesn’t last long.  The instruction for the next asana is barely given when he slithers out and proceeds to undo the curtain ties.  “Let the curtains be, please!” I say. Not quite as zen like in my tone, yet. “Its ok,  Mum, its only so that when its the lying down one I can make the room dark.”

A couple of poses later we are instructed to lift our legs to the ceiling and slip into water fall pose. As my hamstrings begin to tremble in protest, I catch a glimpse of him to my left. He has his legs stretched all the way to his face- his knees practically squashing his nose. He looks at me, grinning, and then informs me that ” this yoga is quite hard Mum”!

We end with shavasan. I have always loved this asana- lying flat on your back arms by your side, palms facing upwards. There is some thing so wonderfully calming about it. If I can really focus, I literally feel my shoulders destress. Not today! N jumps over, and then back and over again, momentarily pleased with his own speedy movements, and then goes on to the draw the curtains closed completely. He bounds back and then lies down on on the mat between us. I keep my eyes shut and try hard not to think about anything. Just as I begin to tune out the noises around me,  I feel a little hand reach up and feel its way into mine. I squeeze it gently and feel a squeeze back.

Yoga, done any other way, will never quite feel the same again. This might be my most favourite of all.



3 thoughts on “Yoga will never be the same again #solc20 Day 25

  1. This is wonderful. I was fully in your moment, and loving every bit of it along with you. No, yoga will never be quite the same again for you. Ever try it with goats?

  2. The thought i had after reading your slice is. ‘It’s taking part that matters.’ He seems to be very interested in yoga and knows how to set the environment for it-“Its ok, Mum, its only so that when its the lying down one I can make the room dark.”

  3. I can totally see this in my minds eye! I so love your daily writings Tash. I look forward to the new one everyday.
    Remember how Thai used to believe that Savasana was the remedy for any kind of tiredness, mental or physical? I thought of her this morning as I read your post and then see your father lying on his back in Sarvasana after his morning yoga!

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