Gratitude #SOLC day 25

Taken from the site, todays prompt is a 10 minute quick write. Its a bit of an experiment to see what I write without any planning…

How have you been surprised by the way in which your life has unfolded?

I have been surprised in many ways. I am always blinking with disbelief at the many aspects of my life that are abundant and joyful. I have family and friends that are close to my heart, a career that pushes me and makes me grow, I have a physical body that works (most of the time anyway!) the beauty of nature, as long as I care to look for it.

Even the tough times have come with an element of surprise. I never saw myself in some of the places and spaces that I have lived through. There have been many times when I have worried myself sick over the the moment, wondering when it will end. And sometimes, if it will ever end. That part was surprising.

Any extreme, whether really good or really bad, has had an element of surprise. Disbelief that it is happening and wonder and awe when good and beautiful.

May I have the fortitude to take what comes my way and more importantly, may I always feel gratitude for all that I have and call my own.

4 thoughts on “Gratitude #SOLC day 25

  1. It’s how you look at life snd how you take on what it gives. Beautiful post Tash

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