Multi tasking? Nada!

I learned today, from Dr. Amishi Jha, that there is no such thing as multitasking. Attention, in the human brain, is a finite resource and can only be spent on one task at time. So, me fooling myself all these years, (and feeling mighty smug about it), that I am an ace at multi tasking is essentially goobeldy goop. What I was actually doing when thought I multitasking was my secret super power, was what Dr. Jha explained to be task switching. Given attention can only be spent on one task at a time, constantly shifting between multiple tasks requires me to keep taking my whole attention from one stimuli to the next in quick succession- back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Unsurprisingly, it is exhausting. It puts incredible strain on my ability to be sharply focused on any task when I try and focus on multiple tasks simultaneously.

I have been processing this information all day. I was so tired last evening when I got home from work. I didnt write, I could barely stay awake and I felt exhausted. Looking back, my day had been a non-stop roller coaster of multiple stimuli coming at me, constant flow of activity and no really focus on any one task for more than a few minutes at a time. Maybe that is why I was ready to melt into a puddle as I walked through our door. I had worn my attention out and in the process turned, to what felt like jelly.

I will do better now that I know better…. or will I?

8 thoughts on “Multi tasking? Nada!

  1. Do fewer things better. I say it all the time, but my actions are louder than my words. Keep trucking, maybe we can help each other figure out how to slow down and do one thing at a time. ;0

  2. Oops! I’ve taken pride for years in my multitasking abilities, and often tease my husband for the lack of his. I guess I won’t tell him this little secret!

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